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Upon acceptance, the hotel concierge will be in contact regarding tournament approved accommodations.

Opt Out Fee: $900
Payable to NYSA
Address: 7860 West Sahara Ave Ste 150
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Memo: Team Name / Hotel Opt-Out

If you have an urgent request, please call

Traveling Teams at
(800) 430-1159
between 9am and 7pm EST – Monday – Friday

What is a Stay-to-Play tournament?
The Las Vegas Thanksgiving Classic, Stay-to-Play tournament requires that all teams traveling in from outside of about 75 miles, must book all hotel rooms through TRAVELING TEAMS, at tournament approved hotels, in order to qualify for the tournament. The tournament offers discounted, pre-negotiated rates, at family friendly hotels within close vicinity of the tournament fields. Any and all teams that do not met the STP requirements are subject to removal from the tournament at the Director’s discretion.
What are the Stay-to-Play requirements?

Each team is required to book a minimum of 30 total room nights (Example: 10 Rooms with a 3 Night Minimum). Friends and family traveling with the team are also invited to book discounted rooms through TRAVELING TEAMS, which will count toward the 30 total required room nights.

Do local teams have to reserve rooms through TRAVELING TEAMS®?

No, Las Vegas local teams are exempt from the Stay-to-Play requirements. All teams traveling from outside of the Las Vegas Valley, more than 75 miles, are required to reserve rooms through TRAVELING TEAMS.

Where can I find information on the Stay-to-Play tournament hotels?

You can find information here.

When do I need to book rooms at my hotel?
We encourage all team to book rooms immediately upon acceptance of the tournament. Hotel availability decreases and hotel options become smaller the longer teams wait.
What types of hotels are offered?

There are a variety of types of hotels to choose from located near the fields and in other locations around the Las Vegas area. Find more information here.

Being that the Tournament is in Las Vegas, where gambling is legal, some of the Tournament hotels have casinos and have restricted areas for minors. If you do stay at a Casino Hotel, please be mindful of the areas where minors are not permitted. However, a lot of these properties have kid zones, movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, etc.
On-Strip /Off-Strip
Staying at a mega resort on the Las Vegas strip is convenient for teams as they have all of the amenities, attractions and dining options within the property. However, if your team is staying on the Las Vegas strip, please be mindful that Las Vegas experiences high traffic during citywide conventions and events which tends to lead to increased traffic. Please plan your drive time accordingly.
Resort Fee
Be aware that a mandatory resort fee is charged to hotel guests at most of the major casino or mega resorts as well as some non-gaming properties that are on the Las Vegas Strip.
The majority of the tournament hotels do not charge guests for parking. However if there is a parking fee, it is noted on the hotel web page details under parking.
Can Teams or fans check-in prior to the tournament or stay at the tournament hotel after the tournament is over?
Yes! TRAVELING TEAMS will be happy to help you add nights at the beginning or end of your stay.
Do Teams have to all stay at the same hotel?
No! TRAVELING TEAMS will work with your team to best fit your team’s needs.
Should teams wait to reserve their hotel until the schedule is released?
DO NOT wait to reserve your room. Failure to book rooms prior to the schedule release date may result in your team being removed from the schedule completely. It’s always best to book early! TRAVELING TEAMS will notify all teams prior to the deadline if the requirements have not been met. However, teams that do not comply with Stay-to-Play requirements are subject to removal from the tournament at the Tournament Directors discretion.
How do teams make changes to the rooming list after our team’s tournament hotel is confirmed?
TRAVELING TEAMS will assist with all reservation questions and modifications up to the day of check in and are available during the event as well. You can contact TRAVELING TEAMS with all hotel related questions at: 1-800-430-1159 anytime between 9am and 7pm EST Monday – Friday.
What does "SOLD OUT" or "LIMITED AVAILABILITY" mean next to the tournament hotel name on the hotel accommodations page?
If there are no rooms available or limited rooms remaining, then Traveling Teams will place a “SOLD OUT” or “LIMITED AVAILABILITY” notification next to the hotels name. If you already have a confirmed room block at a hotel that is SOLD OUT, then your rooms are reserved until the cutoff date. Any rooms not paid for by a parent or coach will be released back to the hotel to avoid the team credit card on file being charged.
What if a team requires additional rooms to be booked under their current room block but the tournament hotel states "SOLD OUT"?
Traveling Teams will be glad to do the work to try and assist in this situation based on the hotels availability.
Can I reserve my teams rooms at a tournament hotel without submitting a rooming list or credit card authorization form?
Yes, reservations can be made individually by each parent by utilizing the reservations website and group code or by calling 1-800-430-1159 anytime between 9am and 7pm EST Monday – Friday, and a reservationist can help book the reservation over the phone.
How do families pay for their individual room reservation?
Families receive an email from their group leader with the link to the event hotel booking site provided by TRAVELING TEAMS. A group block code is also provided, allowing families to book rooms individually into the team block directly through the event hotel booking site. Families can also call 1-800-430-1159 anytime between 9am and 7pm EST Monday – Friday, and a reservationist can help book the reservation over the phone.
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